Become a Service Provider
DAOs are similar to corporate organisations in that they can engage third-parties to perform services. Tracer calls these third-parties “Service Providers”.
Service Providers are engaged by Tracer DAO to provide an agreed service. The consideration received for the provision of services is at the discretion of the proposing Service Provider. If approved by the DAO or Growth Fund Managers, Service Providers are remunerated in tokens from the DAO Treasury (including stablecoins, governance tokens and/or any ERC20).
A Service Provider holding governance tokens is consistent with the notion of stakeholder primacy, whereby that Service Provider will be held accountable by all stakeholders within the Tracer ecosystem, and is incentivised to perform services with the highest level of quality, become more active within the Tracer ecosystem, and use their knowledge and learnings to inform future decisions through acts of governance.

Determining Service Providers

The engagement of Service Providers is voted on by Tracer’s DAO members via its Proposal mechanism, or through the Growth Fund via Growth Fund Managers. Open forum discussion with the general public on Discord and Discourse determines the interest in, and the terms of, the engagement.

Become a Service Provider

Service Providers who can add value to the Tracer ecosystem are encouraged to articulate that value to Tracer DAO. Tracer’s community is already vibrant and increased talent and experience will continue to make it stronger. If you believe that you are well-positioned to contribute to Tracer’s ecosystem, be sure to make it known and help Tracer realise its destiny as the future of financial infrastructure.
Check out our bounties that represent some of the projects that support Tracer's current roadmap. If your team would like to work on one or suggest another, please join our Discord and ping the Core Team. We'll figure out how we can work together, followed a formal proposal to the DAO for governance voting, or we'll manage the engagement through the Growth Fund.

The Relationship Between Tracer DAO and Service Providers

The legal status of DAOs in most jurisdictions poses an obstacle to their wider adoption. Currently, most legal minds interpret DAOs as unregistered organisations, unincorporated associations, or general partnerships. One innovation intended to address this issue is a Participation Agreement.
The Tracer DAO Participation Agreement was explained in an article. A Participation Agreement uses contract law to provide a framework for the formation and management of a DAO; specifically, the rights and obligations of each member of the DAO. This is precisely where the concept of a “Service Provider” comes from.
Tracer DAO’s Participation Agreement provides crucial clarity in respect to the relationship between Tracer DAO and its Service Providers. Notably, the Agreement releases Service Providers from claims made by other DAO members that arise in connection with the Tracer project. Furthermore, it guarantees that Service Providers will not be liable for losses arising under, or in relation to, the DAOs activities. The Agreement is embedded in Tracer’s smart contracts. It's included there to shed a welcome light on the rights and obligations of Service Providers in the Tracer DAO ecosystem.

DAO Service Providers

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