You can contribute to Tracer DAO by joining a working group and completing an open task. Working groups organise around high-impact jobs and advertise the tasks they need done. Complete a task and get paid in TCR. It's that easy.
Get started: 1. Join the Tracer DAO Discord.
2. After joining, go to #contribute. React under a team description to join their channel!
3. Once you've introduced yourself, have a look at your team's open tasks on DeWork.
4. Apply for a task. The team lead will be your key point of contact, so send them a DM.
5. When you're done, submit your work and get paid TCR.

Working Groups

Business Development (BD)

BD grows Tracer DAO’s network. They connect Tracer to other DAOs, source integrations with likeminded projects, coordinate partnerships, and recruit motivated builders.
Josh (Josh | Tracer#1913) is this group's lead.
View the Business Development tasks here.

Marketing & Community

Marketing and community promote Tracer. They lead community discussions and create educational content like articles for Tracer’s blog, or record and distribute videos like the Tracer Drop. They also assist with Tracer DAO event planning.
Lucas (Lucas | Tracer#6232) is the marketing lead, & Bob (Bob_Boyle_1662#1694) is the community lead.
View the Marketing & Community tasks here.


Engineering develops Tracer code. They build and maintain Tracer DAO’s financial smart contracts, application interfaces, and leading technical discussions. This group ensures that Tracer’s financial contracts are highly secure. Engineering is responsible for building and maintaining SDKs and APIs to increase accessibility to Tracer's products.
Ibis (rogueibis#6408) is the full-stack lead, & Dospore (Dospore#8080) is the front-end lead.
View the Engineering tasks here.


Design evolves Tracer's brand. They are responsible for all work relating to design, art, memes, lore, and culture. This group builds visual artefacts like NFTs, 3D animations, video, audio productions, and they are responsible for the direction of the Tracer brand.
Declan (Declan J. Cox | Tracer#1614) is this group's lead.
View the Design tasks here.


Product is a cross-functional, forward-looking team that translates our users' needs to functional products together with our engineering team. Product works with various external and internal stakeholders, from advisors & users to developers & designers. Responsible for market & financial research, the team scopes, prioritises, & specifies work items to ensure the best possible product-market fit.
Juicy (juicy#4770) is this group's lead.
View the Product tasks here.