Tracer DAO

Tracer is governed Tracer DAO, which empowers governors (people or stakeholders that own governance tokens) to decide on changes to the protocol from anywhere in the world without a point of central control. Tracer DAO uses democratic voting to keep decisions fair and all its rules are open – they can be seen in the governance contract here.
Tracer DAO owns the Factory contracts and their market templates. It can change these, and some tracers (only the markets that specify DAO control), through a vote. A vote can also change the governance contract if the governors choose a new voting system or want to update some of the rules.
To have their say on proposals, governors use governance tokens to vote on the proposals that other members make to the rest of the DAO.
View the DAO contract on Etherscan or search by address: 0xA84918F3280d488EB3369Cb713Ec53cE386b6cBa

Governance Tools

​Discord allows the community to freely discuss protocol improvements. In some cases, Discord discussions lead to the drafting of system proposals on Discourse.
​Discourse allows anyone to draft proposals for the community to review and express sentiment through polls. This is where community consensus is gauged, before voting occurs on Snapshot.
​Snapshot is a “gasless” off-chain multi-governance client that allows Tracer DAO governors to vote on proposals without paying gas fees. Proposal consensus is then pushed on-chain via a Gnosis Safe multi-sig.
​Gnosis Safe is used by trusted members to relay proposal consensus from Snapshot on-chain via a multi-sig.