Growth Fund

Expedited and coordinated decision making is required for DAOs to remain efficient, responsive, and competitive within the market. However, a formal decentralised governance process take days to undergo proposal, voting and execution. It takes 4-9 days for Tracer DAO governance proposals to pass. The Tracer Growth Fund was established on September 2, 2021 via proposal to solve this issue, and allow Tracer DAO to efficiently allocate tokens to growth opportunities and operational expenditure.
View the Growth Fund portfolio here.


The Tracer Growth Fund intends to incentivise efforts towards the the short-term and long-term development of Tracer DAO. The Growth Fund is used to distribute payments to cover:
  • On-going Service Providers that have been approved through a formal governance vote;
  • Community contributors;
  • Liquidity mining programs that have been approved through a formal governance vote;
  • Marketing & media packages;
  • Protocol audits;
  • Advisors; and,
  • Community initiatives.
Proposals that fall outside of the remit of the Growth Fund include:
  • Changes to financial contracts and factory;
  • DAO contract changes;
  • DAO fund transfers;
  • Chainlink price feeds (if there are no funds in the DAO, the Growth Fund may be used to fund as an operational expenditure);
  • Future rewards (liquidity mining and airdrops);
  • Public distribution events (Auctions, LBPs etc.);
  • New Governors and Alpha Testers;
  • Growth Fund Manager replacement; and
  • Termination of Growth Fund vesting schedule.


The Growth Fund is managed by the Growth Fund Managers via a 4/7 multisig.
Growth Fund Manager
ETH address
1. Raymond (Co-founder) of Mycelium
2. Pat (Co-founder) of Mycelium
3. Adam Bawi (Core Contributor) of Mycelium
4. Doo Wan Nam (Co-founder) of Stable Node
5. Richard (CEO) and Aaron (Research Associate) of DACM
6. Balder Bomans (Managing Partner) & Mathijs van Esch (Investment Manager) of Maven11
7. Chris Berg (Co-founder) of RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub