History of Tracer DAO

While the concept of a DAO is not new (see this blog post by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin from 2014), true DAOs are few and far between. We think that makes Tracer a special project; it's been a DAO from day one.
Organising around a problem on a blockchain isn't easy, but it does leave a record every time members reach a decision about the project. Here's a brief history of the DAO, pulled together from all of our open-source code, governance discussions and on-chain transactions.
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An Experiment in Governance

The original Tracer DAO repo is credited to Github user @chriskyle123, from who @RayMogg forked the code into Tracer's official Github organisation on 4 Jan 2021:
The participation agreement attached to the Claim.sol contract describes the codebase as an "experiment in the field of decentralised governance structures".

Anon Deploys

On 6 Jan 2021, an anonymous address (0xedb06Bc6945e4AC8F43688B066a23C1DB260c266) deployed the DAO on-chain.

The 100

The InitialClaim contract allowed up to 100 individual addresses to each claim 100,000 TCR tokens. Over a period of two weeks, all 100 allocations were exhausted:
Each address to claim got a single TCR. The other 99,999 were sent to a vesting contract with a 6 month cliff.

Tracer Engages Mycelium

The newly formed DAO voted on a proposal to engage Mycelium (then Lion's Mane) to develop derivatives software for the project. The proposal succeeded:
The Mycelium team (of which @RayMogg is a founding member) were given a 193,500,000 TCR (19.35%) stake in the project.

Move to Multisig

In March 2021, Lion's Mane (Mycelium) pushed a proposal to the DAO to move to snapshot and a governance multi-sig. The proposal succeeded:

Strategic Treasury Diversification

In June 2021, a proposal was passed for a Tracer DAO treasury diversification. The DAO transferred 10% of the network's governance tokens, in exchange for $4.5m USDC. The proposal listed here passed:

The Public Distribution

In September 2021, a proposal was passed to sell 50,000,000 units of TCR in the form of a gnosis auction. This was executed, and the auctioned TCR reached a price of 0.075 DAI/TCR. The proposal was completed here: